What is Filo Artisan?

Filo is an Aussie slang word short for Filipinos in Australia. Artisan means a special craft (food or art) that is made in a traditional way using high-quality ingredients or materials and is usually produced in small volumes (not for mass production).

Where are the products from?

Our products are made from the Philippines made with love by a small group of entrepreneurs that are passionate in their respective chosen profession and industry.

Single-Origin Chocolate Bar. Auro Chocolate bars are made from cacao beans that were purchased directly from local farming communities in Davao and has created a fair and sustainable partnerships that empower local farmers to continuously improve both yield and quality. For more info, visit their website → Auro Chocolate

Leather handbags and purses. Big Bag Theory has started out as a hobby with a love and passion of designing her own handbags and clutches. Promoted only by referral thru friends, we come across Jan's designs and saw the potential of introducing these high-quality made leather bags to the Australian market. Coming soon. 

Can I order a gift for someone?

Yes. You can place the order as per usual and you can just specify your delivery instructions and to who we should address the present to.


What are the payment methods?

Payment methods are via Paypal / Debit Card / Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard only).


When can I receive my order?

Information on delivery and shipping, please click here.


Do you have a physical store?

Not yet. Filo Artisan Trade is currently trading for the meantime only thru this e-commerce platform. Option of pick up is available and you can find more details here.


How should I store chocolates?

Chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place away from strong aromas and temperature variations. You should never store your chocolate in the fridge, as that will cause blooming (condensation on the surface, drawing sugar crystals out of the chocolate).

Similarly if the chocolate is allowed to get too warm, cocoa butter will come to the surface. If possible, keep your chocolate wrapped and store it between 16C and 22C, but for most purposes room temperature is fine.

You should also keep your chocolate away from sunlight and other bright lights, and ideally in a sealed environment (ziplock bag, Tupperware box,etc..) 

The shelf life of our bars range from 3 months to 12 months , you will see Best Before Date at the back of the bar.