Our Story

Filo Artisan Trade began with a trip back home.

After migrating and living in Melbourne for over ten years, we returned to The Philippines to explore and discover the country's true nature. We then find and discover a market that boasted a flurry of quality and beautiful products.

Particularly, the cacao industry has picked our interest after learning that there are good quality, single-origin chocolate bars that are being produced in our home country. With the market and new generation now focusing on maintaining good health, and cacao being named as one of the super foods, we went to Davao where most of the cacao beans are supplied from to learn more.   


Seeing these compelling brands gave us the passion for finding ways to bring these world-class goods into the spotlight, with an even bigger audience. We are confident in the high-quality products that our home country has to offer, fully believing their capability to compete with and surpass the standards of the Australian market.

As Filipinos, it is always a point of pride to showcase what we can bring to the table, and we've made it our mission to share these products with our fellow Aussies. That led us to the creation of the Filo Artisan Trade, an e-commerce platform where Australians can shop for Filipino-made goods, to show our support and wave our flag.