Introducing Davao's Bountiful and Exciting Harvest Festival, Kadayawan

Since the Pagan times, a good harvest bears a lot of sentiment to farmers and all people in a particular place. It symbolizes success from all the hard work each person has put into his or her practice. Aside from that, giving thanks for all the abundance bestowed upon the place is worth celebrating.

Every harvest season depends on the specific climate, area, or crop of a country. Hence, people celebrate them at different times. Some regions celebrate it to welcome the start of the harvest of crops or fruits, while others celebrate it as thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.

Many regions around the world have secularized their harvest celebration into regional holidays so that their people could celebrate it. Eating, games, contests, music, mall-wide sales and discounts, and several merriment activities are standard features of every festival in a particular town. Visitors from different parts of the continent flock to that specific place to enjoy its fruits of labor and other festive activities it has to offer.

    Tourists come to take a taste of Davao's durian and its several varieties.

In the southern hemisphere of the Philippines lies one of the principal cities, Davao. It is in every third week of August when the people celebrate thanksgiving for a good harvest. Kadayawan, from the word "Madayaw," which means a friendly greeting. The word "madayaw" is from "dayaw," defined as superior or beautiful. It is almost a month-long celebration for Davao, with its people and establishments organizing fun-filled activities for the people.

Each year, a lot of people from outside the city and country grace Davao not just for the festival rites, but to witness the bountiful fruits, it has to offer. Fruits like the ubiquitous durian, mangosteen, rambutan overflow during this time of the year. One can even get them for as low as 10PHP or 0.28AUD.

Mangosteen is cheaply priced for as low as at 10PHP/0.28AUD per kilo

Kadayawan 2019

Davao City is celebrating its 34th Kadayawan festival that kicked off on August 2. The Kadayawan used to be a week-long celebration that starts every third week of August. However, for 2019, Davao's Mayor Inday Sara Duterte declared it to be a month-long celebration. The city even increased its festival budget from 60 million PHP last year to 75 million this year. They expect around 250,000 local and foreign visitors to sojourn the city and bear witness to what the festival has to offer.

A mainstay of the Kadayawan festival is the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan, which means to dance with the music in the streets. It is an annual competition of dancing where the contestants dance and dress in traditional ways, with twists that entice the judges. The Pamulak Kadayawan floral float parade goes hand-in-hand with the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan competition. Usually, the street dance competition goes first, and then the floral show comes the next day. However, for this year, the city will witness both of them in different weeks: the Indak-Indak on the third week (August 17), and the Pamulak parade on the following week (August 24).

                                                    The annual Indak Indak sa Kadalanan Street Dance and Costume Competition.                     

Other Activities
Apart from the two main activities above, the city has organized new and exciting cultural events. Fashion enthusiasts look forward to Habi Kadayawan, a competition for fashion designers that already have entries coming from different parts of Mindanao. According to our sources, the fashion and design competition will witness the culture and heritage of 11 tribes in Mindanao, the southern region of the Philippines. Aside from that, several private establishments have put up their own activities and events for the Kadayawan.

The government of Davao put together these exciting events as well:

Agri-Trade Fair
As one of the most agriculturally-rich cities in the Philippines, Davao's Agri-Trade Fair in Kadayawan will showcase the flora of Davao. It will run from August 12 - 31 at SM City Davao.

3D Light Show
For the first time, the government of Davao set-up a 3D Light show for people to enjoy from August 2 - 25, every 6-10pm at the City Hall of Davao.

The Kadayawan Village
The ways and culture of 11 tribes of Davao are shown in this village built in Magsaysay Park on the entire month of August.

Kadayawan Farmers Market
Magsaysay Park will host this market that showcases several of Davao's fruit and vegetable harvests.

Other Competitions:
Hiyas sa Kadayawan is not your usual beauty pageant as it showcases the 11 tribes of Davao City, their culture and tradition, into this paramount pageant.

Pitik Kadayawan: a drumbeating competition with contestants beating through their drums from Roxas Avenue to the Kadayawan Square (August 24).
Tunog Kadayawan: a songwriting competition about the authentic culture of Kadayawan and the 11 tribes will be held at the Matina Town Square on August 23.

Mugna Kadayawan: On-the-spot art competition that will be held at Sta. Ana wharf on August 3, 8 am.

Since the Kadayawan festival is turning bigger this year, the city government of Davao has deployed 27,560 of personnel to take care of the entire city. It especially has set-up very tight measures during its festivities. Several no-nos are also confirmed, like no bringing of backpacks and non-transparent water bottles, no wearing of jackets, etc. The government of Davao is implementing these for the safety of Davao people and the tourists coming.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the Kadayawan festivities in 2019! Everyone is welcome!

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